12 Point Hunting Blinds

Ready for the best hunting season ever?

Get ready to elevate your hunting experience with a top quality Amish crafted 12 Point Hunting Blind.

Offered in an array of styles and sizes to suit every purpose and every budget, these hunting blinds can make the difference between an enjoyable time in the woods and a successful hunt or quite the opposite.

Sure you could build something yourself and try and make it safe and secure and risk falling out of a tree, or you could just go without a hunting blind at all and suffer the snow, rain and cold and quit early. We are not sure why you'd take either of those options if you want to experience the best hunting season ever.

The 12 Point Difference
  1. Heavy duty 5/8" T&G LP Smart floor. 10 year warranty. Resists mold, mildew, rotting and bugs.
  2. Heavy duty LP smartsiding sidewalls. 50 year warranty. Resists mold, mildew, rotting and bugs.
  3. 7' tall walls. Stand up and stretch your legs without hitting your head.
  4. Heavy duty all aluminum, felt lined window track and frame. The smoothest, quietest window available anywhere. Tint standard, do not get spotted by that 12 point monster buck.
  5. Heavy duty rubber roof. Water proof and quiet in the pelting sleet and rain. Never miss the approach of that 12 point monster buck.
  6. Standard carpeted floor. Muffles any interior noises.
  7. You and one buddy can easily erect any of the 12 point models. Designed to easily take apart and put back together. 2 tools needed.
  8. All water and snow proof. Heavy duty paint exterior and bottom of floor.
  9. 2" overhang to help keep water away from windows. Rubber roof wrapped around edge for a clean and tight appearance.
  10. Heavy duty interior wood framing to withstand high wind areas.
  11. Large windows designed for compound bow, crossbow and rifle.
  12. Large windows completely wrapped around blind, including door for a full 360° view.

Well-camouflaged exterior color ensures your prey is blind to the blind! With a price point starting at just $1895 there is no reason to be left out in the cold.

Choose from our four well-designed styles and stay safe, secure, and successfully hunt this season.

Hunting Blinds That Make a 12 Point Difference

Using a hunting blind ensures you have plenty of time to focus on your prey and take that perfect shot at just the right time. Super safe and secure, all these blinds will make your hunting season more successful. Stay longer, stay warm, stay dry, and make that shot!

The Booner
5x5' Hunting Blind

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The High Tower
4x6' Hunting Blind

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The Octagon
6' Hunting Blind

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The Double Barrel
6x6' Hunting Blind

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