360 Hunting Blinds

The 360 Series Hunting Blind is an affordable, comfortable solution without compromises.

With solid wood frame construction and seamless acrylic roof, the 360 Series is built to provide hunters with many seasons of comfortable, weather proof hunting.

Get tired of sitting? Stand fully upright in the spacious 6 foot 6inch high interior.

Our twelve by eighteen inch tinted windows feature a state-of-the-art window raising mechanism - a perfectly silent, one handed operation that is ideal for gun or archery hunting.

The 360 Series ships in kit form and it's unique design ensures that it can be fully assembled in less than one hour. Grab a power drill, a step ladder and a hunting buddy to get started.

Standard Features
  • 5' x 5' Diameter
  • 6', 6" Interior Height
  • 24" x 60" Door
  • 12" x 18" Tinted Gun and Archery Windows
  • Solid Wood Frame Construction
  • Painted Interior & Exterior
  • Seamless Synthetic Roof Coating
  • Black Camouflage Accents
  • Built in 4x4 Pockets for Tower Stand
  • State-of-the-art Window Raising Mechanism
  • Ships in Kit Form
  • Two Man Assembly in Less than One Hour

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