Athens Bows

Athens Archery provides top performing bows for hunters and target shooters living their passion through archery.

Brand new this year is the 2019 Athens RIDGE 32. Built off from the heritage of the Athens Accomplice 32 bow that put Athens on the map for quality and consistency in a bow.

New this year is the 2019 Athens RIDGE 34 which is built off from the legacy of the Accomplice 34. The 2019 RIDGE 34 features a 34" axle to axle bow with a 6 ¾" brace for maximum stability, smooth draw and extreme forgiveness.

The 2019 Summit is a bowhunters dream. Featuring a blistering IBO of 340fps with a forgiving 7" brace, this 30" axle to axle bow is perfect for tree stand hunting with maximum maneuverability.

The 2019 Ascent is at home on the course or in the field. With it's 36" axle to axle and 6 ¾" brace height, the 2019 Ascent is stable and fast in any environment, with IBO speeds of 335fps.


All 2019 Athens Archery bows come equipped with GAS Premium High Octane Strings. All GAS bowstrings and cables are pre-stretched with the GAS proprietary Total Tensioning System (TTS) to ensure zero string creep, peep rotation and serving separation. This process is unlike many bowstring manufacturers, who simply stretch their strings and cables at a set weight. By tensioning their strings throughout the entire building process, GAS create superior stability and zero movement in the final product. GAS High Octane Strings developed for Athens Archery will come standard with BCY 452X string material.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime means lifetime, fully transferrable on new and used bows.

Covers riser, pocket, limbs, eccentrics against defects in materials and workmanship.

As part of our Athens family we will definitely help you out, but we can't cover normal wear and tear, and damage caused by you.

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