Food Plot Consulting

Food Plot Consulting

On-Target Consulting offers a comprehensive food plot management strategy to help you maximize your hunting experience and make the most of your property. A detailed plan includes: A walk-through, advice on property improvements, stand and blind locations, food plot design and recommendations on what seed blends to plant, soil improvements, access trails, and any other pertinent property details needed.

Property consulting will start at a minimum of $1200 plus travel. Consultation fee will vary based on property size and layout. Various size maps available for additional charge.

Package Pricing Available:
  • Food plot supplies, including seed, fertilizer, herbicides, and soil amendments.
  • Soil Tests & Recommendations
  • Tree Stands & Hunting Blinds
  • Feeders, Supplemental Feed, and Minerals
  • Trail Cameras
  • Food Plot Equipment Rental/Purchase

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Improve your Food Plot

Ridgeline Food Plot Seeds

WhitetailMaxx Deer Minerals

Thunderstorm Food Plot Fertilizer

High Voltage Deer Lures


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