MultiSpreader 220

Whether applying own trophy blend or lime and fertilizer to neutralize and feed the soil, using the Multi-Spreader 220 is the number one choice as a durable, versatile and economic spreader for your food plot needs.

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Firminator G3

Preparing the seed bed (soil) using the Firminator or good quality disc to loosen up the ground and get rid of the weeds will get you off to a great start. You can also plant your seed with this same piece of equipment!

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Esch No-Till Drills

When planting your food plot with the Esch no-till drill, you can be confident that your seeding is consistent.

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CropCare ATV/ATX Sprayers

If you are planting a food plot using a no-till drill, you will want to spray the plot using our CropCare sprayers to kill off the weeds so you have a weed free start. A few weeks after planting you can give your plot a booster shot with the liquid Peak fertilizer that can also be mixed in with your Roundup as a weed & feed on your food plot.

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Planting food plots can be done enjoyably with the right equipment and products, saving time and frustration. As we all know time is money and we are limited in time.

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