Esch No-Till Drill

The Esch No-Till Drill is a compact and reliable drill designed for food plot seeding and is low maintenance and simple to use.

This compact no-till drill has 5 1/2" row spacing which benefits your food plot by placing the seed to provide better ground coverage, weed control, and better yields.

Each row unit contains tapered roller bearings on the no-till coulter, replaceable wear bushings. The seeding depth is easily adjustable by by a T-handle control. A small-seed tube is located behind the double disk, and is easily connected to the optional add-on small-seed box. Optional accessories also include a 12 gallon foam marker and suitcase style weights.

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Model 5503 Specifications
Number of Openers 7
Row Spacing 5.5"
Planting Width 3' 3"
Transport Width 5' 3"
Weight 2500lb
Model 5505 Specifications
Number of Openers 12
Row Spacing 5.5"
Planting Width 5' 6"
Transport Width 8'
Weight 3900lb

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