Eagle Forage Beans

Eagle Forage Soybeans are second to none when it comes to planting a food supply for your food plot. They are designed to grow more branches, leaves, nodes, and stems which provides more food over a longer season for your deer herd, while being more drought tolerant and hearty in poorer soils.

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Real World Wildlife Seed

Our goal is to put out the very best food plot seed products possible. We will give you more seed for less cost, and won't use inexpensive filler seeds in anything we sell.

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Food Plot Seeds

Choosing the right seeds to plant is an important part of developing a good wildlife food plot or hunting plot. Whether you want to grow a long lasting food supply for foraging, improve feed value to produce larger game, provide ground cover and shelter for fawning doe, or plant a crop to improve the quality of your soil, we have a great variety of quality seed to choose for planting in your food plot. With our soil testing & analysis, we can also help you determine which plants are best suited for your soils and which ones will help you achieve your desired results. Call us at 717.989.6239 for more information!

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