The Habitat Hook

Extendable Habitat Hook Features

  • Extendable design extends to 13 feet to provide more leverage on trees
  • 3 length adjustments (7', 10', and 13')
  • Length adjustments made easy by using the double sided solid push button (very durable)
  • T handle is made from high strength DOM tubing
  • ATV grips are added for comfort
  • Weighs just over 9 lbs.
  • Affordable and well built

Fixed Length Habitat Hook Features

  • Very light weight ( Weighs only 6 pounds!)
  • Excellent alternative when working with smaller trees and the additional length isn't needed.
  • Fixed length hooks don't have ATV grips
  • 7' in length

All Habitat Hooks are now powder coated as standard with a high gloss finish. Powder Coating is a process where a special blend of polymers are sprayed (in powder form) onto a metal surface and then baked in an oven at approximately 400 degrees. The polymer powder melts and fuses together over the surface, creating a uniform, hi-gloss, hard shell surface. It is a more durable finish (higher resistance to chips, scratches, abrasions, etc) providing a higher level of professionalism to an already well built, special purpose tool.

All Habitat Hooks Feature The Following:
- CAD Designed
- CNC Laser Cut Teeth
- MIG Welded
- Teeth Provide Excellent Grip On The Bark Of Trees
- Push Point - Works GREAT On All Trees (No Slip)
- Orange powder coat is now standard
- In use throughout the U.S.

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