High Voltage Whitetail Lures

The most complete line of all-natural scents collected from ALL the glands deer use to communicate.

High Voltage deer lures are all-natural deer lures formulated to amplify your hunting experience with scents that can beat the whitetail’s nose - turning its greatest strength into a weakness that helps you get closer to the deer than ever before!

Whitetail deer are social and will respond to scents when they contain the natural ingredients that they are accustomed to smelling from other deer. High Voltage is the most complete line of scents that include all the glands deer use to communicate, while replicating nature better than than competing lures which contain synthetics or basic deer urine.

High Voltage lures are proprietary, potent, and effective blends that will trigger a response because they have all the scents that deer expect to smell.

How to add a mock scrape

  1. Find a location on the edge of bedding areas where trails intersect or in a staging area off the edge of a field where deer feel comfortable in daylight hours before coming out into the field. Also works great on the edge of secluded hunting plots. Place it just on the edge of the down-wind side of your stand location.
  2. Use a rake to clear the leaves and debris under a tree and then take the Social Hub hemp rope and position the frayed end at 40 to 45 inches off the ground. Twist the rubber wire around the overhanging branch to make sure it is secure and at the right height.
  3. Place 2 or 3 full droppers of Face Time No.1 Potent Buck preorbital on the frayed part of the Social Hub hemp rope. Use rubber gloves to apply the scent and try to keep the scent from going onto the ground. Add 10 to 15 sprays of the Face Time No.3 Doe Preorbital, then finish with then finish with 15 sprays of your choice of #4, #5, #6, #7 lure on the ground which you cleared.
  4. Set up a cellular camera so you will not need to disturb the area. Use the Communicate complete scrape on the soil in beginning to mid October to trigger more activity.

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