Real World Wildlife Seed

After years of frustration from using other brands and never being satisfied with the results, Real World owners began to recognize a need for good food plot seed blends. They started by obtaining as many different seed species and varieties as possible for "real world" testing on their own hunting lands. Each year you can still find every one of their blends in their own food plots.

Our goal is to put out the very best food plot seed products possible. We will give you more seed for less cost, and won't use inexpensive filler seeds in anything we sell.

There Really is a Difference... Dare to Compare!
Dare to Compare

We are so confident in our products that we strongly encourage you to plant a Real World blend side by side with a competitor's seed and see the difference for yourself!

Real World Wildlife Seed
  • Forage Beans
  • Clover & Chicory
  • Upland Game Blend
  • Whitetail Harvest Salad
  • Whitetail Forage Oats
  • Fall Plot Topper
  • Bedding-in-a-Bag
  • Real World Switchgrass
  • Native Grasses
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Check out our Food Plot Equipment page for more information on the Esch No-Till Drill and the Firminator Disk-Drill.

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