Redneck Hunting Blinds

American made and built to last, Redneck's Fiberglass and Hay Bale Blinds provide great visibility and shot angles for bow, gun and crossbow hunting.


Fiberglass Hunting Blinds

American made and built to last, all Redneck fiberglass blinds are made from 100% fiberglass with maintenance free gel coat finish and a seamless design for quietness and scent control.

Big Country
6x7 360 Crossover $3,099

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Buck Palace
6x6 360 Crossover $2,799

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5x6 360 Crossover $2,499

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Shooter Platinum
5x6 Gun Blind $2,249

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Trophy Tower
5x5 Crossover Blind $1,999

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Hay Bale Blinds

Redneck's all-purpose hay bale ground blinds are strong, lightweight, easy to move and can be left outside all season long under the harshest of conditions. Learn more about Redneck's hay bale blinds by selecting one below.

Outfitter HD
Bale Blind $649

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Sportsman HD
Burlap Bale Blind

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Soft Side Blinds

Designed along similar lines as our wildly popular 360 Series Fiberglass Blinds, we are pleased to introduce our new 6X6 Soft Side 360 Series available in ghillie or burlap covers.

Ghillie Deluxe
6X6 Blind $549

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Burlap Deluxe
Low Profile
6X6 Blind

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