Sportsman HD
Burlap Bale Blind

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We are pleased to introduce the toughest bale blind on the market... The Sportsman HD Burlap Bale Blind.

It features a durable three layer cover consisting of a natural burlap layer bonded to a tough 600 denier woven fabric, and is then bonded to a tough water resistant PVC backing. The natural looking burlap blends in well to native surroundings; looking very similar to regular hay bales left in the field. The new burlap cover can also be used on existing Sportsman blind frames; replacing the Natural Hay Blind Covers with our new burlap cover.

The blind features a total of (6) windows you can hunt from, and the blind now features (2) doors instead of (1). In addition to the new burlap cover, a new zipper system is incorporated throughout the entire blind for the doors and windows allowing for much easier opening/closing.

The Sportsman HD Burlap Bale Blind is the perfect 2-3 person ground blind to use whether you are deer hunting, turkey hunting, predator hunting, scouting, or just want a dry, comfortable place to enjoy and film nature.

Standard Included Features: