WhitetailMaxx Deer Minerals

Whitetail mineral blend WhitetailMaxx™ is a highly concentrated mineral supplement used for all types of North American deer species. It is a unique custom blend that is extremely effective in initiating a consistent pattern of deer movement in all four seasons.

Our fortified mineral supplements have been field tested and proven to be one of the most effective deer management tools in its class. WhitetailMaxx enhances the natural environment with supplemental minerals that promote rack development and overall heath of the entire herd.

WhitetailMaxx is produced by Thunder Ridge Outdoors, a company that is here to serve hunters with new and innovative products that will amplify their hunting experience.

Directions for Use
WhitetailMaxx Deer Minerals
  1. Select a point of reference in a wooded location (stump, tree, log). Clear out all leaves and debris in a 4'x4' area to expose soil.
  2. Spread approximately 25 lbs. evenly over area (best before rain or lightly water)
  3. Allow up to 14 days for deer activity.
  4. To refresh, apply 8lbs per 4'x4' area every 90 days (or as needed)

Dicalcium Phosphate, Monocalcium Phosphate, Salt, Sodium Bicarbonate, Calcium Carbonate, Ferrous Carbonate, Zinc Oxide, Maganous Oxide, Iron Oxide (colorant), Copper Sulfate, Mineral Oil, Calcium Iodate, Cobalt Carbonate, and Sodium Selenite.

Guaranteed Analysis
Calcium (Cal) Min 6.75% Max 8.10%
Phosphorous (P) Min 9.00%  
Salt (NaCl) Min 28.00% Max 31.00%
Sodium (Na) Min 17.00% Max 20.00%

WhitetailMaxx can be considered a bait! Check all local state and game laws.

Adult use only - keep away from children and pets.

Never re-use bag. Dispose of properly.

Deer become territorial over mineral bed, use caution when refreshing or observing mineral bed.

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